One can only imagine the pain
of the Father Up Above,
as He sent His Beloved Son to us
because of His deep Love.

He knew He'd suffer such great pain,
as He died upon that tree
to purchase our salvation;
by His Grace, it's pure and free.

Please accept Him as your Savior
for He's done the painful part.
There is no price, for He paid it all.
Just open up your heart.

Paula 2002

Would you like to meet my Best Friend?
Just click on the cross above. You won't be sorry!

He loves you soooo much! Before you were even conceived in the womb, He knew everything about you, and had already prepared a place in His Heart and Eternal Home for you! (Psalm 139)  He is the one Friend Who loves you unconditionally, with a love so deep it surpasses all human understanding.

He loves you (and you, and you, and you....*waving at each person who reads this message*) so much that He came down to earth as a human being to shed His precious blood on a cross and descend into the very depths of Hell for three days so that YOU wouldn't have to!

He purchased the ticket for your trip to an awesome new world beyond our wildest dreams....a world we will share with Him and Our Father and the Holy Spirit, and ALL of our loved ones who have gone on before us for all eternity. And all we have to do for all this is to accept Him into our heart as our Savior!

What an awesome plan! What an awesome God!



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~ His Nail Scarred Hands ~ seq by Margi Harrell

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