The dogwood blossoms in the spring,
Bring to mind the cross to which he was nailed;
He lives in my heart and I pray in yours,
His love has never failed.

Just look around this lovely season,
And see what's heaven sent;
You'll know He lives in all things good,
We thank Him with folded hands and on knees that are humbly bent.

He lives! He lives! As the stone was rolled away,
The empty tomb held Him no more;
His Joy of joys, He gave His only Son,
And welcomed Him with angels as He entered Heaven's great door.

The cross, the thorns, the nails and empty tomb,
All so that we ourselves may live;
What a treasured gift we have just for the taking,
Our sins He will always forgive.

His blessings from above this day,
Fills all our souls with gladness;
He lives! He lives! For evermore,
As He takes away our sadness.

Shirley Jean Pickens (C)