~ Once Upon A Sunbeam ~

When the rays of the sun
touches down from the sky;
I'll feel it's warmth
as it shines there on high.

I'll sense His love
as it travels the beams,
Down to the ground
where the grass is so green.

I'll always have glorious sunshine
even on a cloudy day,
Now let me tell you why
I feel this blessed way.

I'll sing a lovely
"all day" song,
Because I know
I'm never alone.

He comes to me
in the morning time,
And no matter what happens,
my sun will shine.

So shine on warm sun
and with your shadows on the ground,
I'll see you in the morning time
when daybreak comes back around.

"Sun-shine" or "Son-shine"
I'll know that He'll be there,
And in my happy heart
a glad feeling I'll forever wear.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickensİ



Music now playing is entitled "Morning Has Broken"
sequenced by Tony Testino, whereabouts unknown. :(