Angels On My Pillow

I have angels on my pillow,
To help me through the night;
They're always sent by God above,
To say, "All is well and do sleep tight."

And when I dream of all the good things,
That have come into my life;
His angels always tell me,
Everything's going to be alright.

I wake up in the morning,
With the sunlight shining through;
My angels say they will be back,
Before the morning dew.

It's nice to lay my head down,
At the end of a long, long day;
I have angels on my pillow,
To listen while I pray.

Thank you, God, for everything,
You've granted me from heaven;
My gifts from you are so much more,
Than to you which I have given.

Make no mistake! I appreciate!
I fold my hands to say so;
And God, I love the little angels,
You've sent to rest upon my pillow.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickens



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