Pieces Of The Past

It only take a word or two,
To jog our memory back;
To thoughts and things of yesterday,
Those "pieces of the past."

When we were small and the world seemed large,
We listened and we learned;
To things our parents had to say,
With great love and much concern.

To bring back only one more day,
We'd give so very much;
To hear those little worthwhile things,
Or feel that special touch.

So to our children we pass the things,
That are instilled in us to last;
And go with us forever more,
Those "pieces of the past."

Written by Shirley Jean Pickensİ


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The painting above is entitled "The Way We Were"
by the very talented artist, PAULA VAUGHN, and is used with her kindly permission.
Thanks, and God bless you, Paula! This beautiful painting invokes such wonderful memories!

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The music you are listening to is entitled "Plamates," by unknown sequencer.