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~ Take Me Along ~

I think back over my lifetime,
And I wonder where the years have all gone;
I'll cherish the memories we've collected,
But when you leave, please take me along.

Not so much as in body but spirit,
You'll always be in my heart;
We'll be together in heaven, I know this,
As we've been from our very first start.

To say I'll miss you is so simple,
Just let me tell you how much;
As high as a mountain in summer,
Your sweet love and your gentle touch.

The days we've shared are so priceless,
The good and sad times I'll remember;
We built our own little corner of this world,
For many January's to all those December's.

You are my friend and loving companion,
I'm thankful you've been here for me;
So when it's time to let go of each other,
I pray for each of us to see.

Our life together was wonderful,
The sad things will forever be gone;
So please remember my wishes,
If you go first, please take me along.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickens
Dedicated to my husband, James


The very beautiful music now playing is Beyond the Sunset, sung by
Jan Howard and Bill Anderson. It is played here for edification of faith
and not for profit of any kind. Please support these two
wonderful musicians by visiting their sites and purchasing a CD. Thanks!

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