~ Days Of Heaven ~

I wanted to let you know,
That I'm doing o.k. today;
Just kind of biding my time,
Till God decides to send you my way.

My dreams of God in His heaven
have all come so gloriously true;
I talk with our family and friends
and just wait out my days for you.

I sometimes sit on the billowing clouds
and talk with God's angels up here;
My days are so wonderfully pleasant,
With no pain, hunger or fear.

God tells me to be patient
and that only in His time;
You certainly will be lovingly with me,
Until then, you'll be just fine.

I walk with Him and I talk with Him
and feel such blessed peace;
I know deep in my heart,
That my joys will never cease.

Our life will be one again someday,
I have been promised this,
Until then, to you I send today,
My forever love and a soft spoken kiss.

Now, don't you be at all sad,
Just put a smile on your sweet face;
God is so kind and good,
With His abundance of love and grace.

He shows endless caring and forgiveness
and has so willingly given;
His Son so that there'll be peace and love,
In all of our days of heaven.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickens

Dedicated to Beverly
In memory of Dennis

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