~ My Second Chance ~

You only go around once they say,
But my second chance is here;
I have this through my grandchildren,
Each one I hold so dear.

With our children young we are so rushed,
To do each daily chore;
So little time for games and play,
I wish that I'd had more.

But I have this now and I feel the joy,
And I take the time to see;
That it's the little things that mean the most,
Like a hug and kiss that they give to me.

I can love them and I can spoil them,
And have them stay the night.
Then home with Mom and Dad;
They've been a pure delight.

Each one is so very different,
I had found this in my children, too;
Different is just another wondrous thing,
He's given to me and you.

So with my grandchildren, my second chance
has surely come back around,
I thank you God, for those special gifts;
And the sweetness in each that I've found.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickensİ
Dedicated to my grandchildren