A Blue Sky Day

I woke up this morning,
And stretched my hands over my head;
I asked the Lord to bless us all,
As I jumped out of the bed.

I ran to put the coffee on,
And turned up the local news;
Opened up the door,
And laced up my walking shoes.

As I walked around the garden,
And looked down upon the ground;
I saw upon a dewy flower,
A butterfly safe and sound.

From flower to flower it tasted,
And flapped it's little wings;
Then I looked up in the trees,
And the birds began to sing.

I looked up in the sky,
On this the first day of May;
I knew right from the start,
It was going to be a "blue sky day."

I walked among the flowers,
And picked a few here and there;
I smelled the sweet fragrances around me,
And felt the warm sunshine in my hair.

I knew that God was watching,
I could almost hear Him say;
I'm giving you my blessings,
With a "God-filled" blue sky day.

Shirley Jean Pickensİ




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