Fly With The Angels

What can they do for me, you say?
They give me joy to start my day;
They send me blessings beyond compare,
They always have good things to share.

They can always send a prayer for me,
Or a lovely rainbow for me to see;
Maybe a simple sweet "hello,"
Or help me when there's a full boat to row.

I fly with the angels and OH! what a trip,
We float and twirl an do some flips;
They take me up and take me down,
And then we can go 'round and 'round.

Each one has touched my daily life;
Sent by God to help with the strife;
My "personal angel" I can loan,
Or ask my God to send your own.

You could invite them always to come,
To be with you in your loving home;
Or anywhere you happen to be,
Fly with your angels and you will see....

What a wonderful experience to have them around,
Whether in "angel flight" or on the ground;
God sends them to us until He calls,
To help pick us up in case we fall.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickensİ

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