~ Now I Know How Much You Love Me ~

You always told me you loved me,
And I always knew it was true;
But not until I had one of my own,
Did I understand what was meant from you.

The way I look at my baby,
I've seen so many times from you;
My love for him grows stronger each day,
A wonderful feeling so new.

I want to keep him little,
But like me, too soon, he'll be gone;
I'll try to raise him the way you did me,
Our family's circle of strength holds that special bond.

Now I know how much you love me,
And from the moment my baby was born;
I realized the most precious job's ahead of me,
A God given blessing, sacred and sworn.

Written by J. Kelly Winkingİ
Shirley and James' daughter,
in response to "Our God-sent Child."