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I Am Heaven Tall

The day He died for me,
Was the day He gave His all;
And that was the very time,
He made me "Heaven Tall."

He talks me through the heartaches,
And is there if I must call;
I feel His love all day long,
I think I'm "Heaven Tall."

He has given to me, so many friends,
So I pass the "Friendship Ball;"
I've asked the Lord to bless them,
'Cause with them, I'm "Heaven Tall."

My family is so special, too,
Each picture's on the wall;
Can't imagine life without them,
They help to make me feel as though,
I am "Heaven Tall."

He's always there with outstretched hands,
To catch me if I fall;
His loving way can touch my heart,
I'm always "Heaven Tall."

Written by Shirley Jean Pickens©

Set design is © to Pansys Pixels 2002

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