My Master's Voice

As I strolled along the shore one day,
I heard my Master's voice to say;
Give something of yourself and pray,
For someone less fortunate as they lay;

In a nursing home high upon a hill,
For I shall be kind and this is my will;
Not to suffer, not to kill,
Even the sweet birds on her window sill.

I shall be waiting at Heaven's gate,
Oh! What glory! Don't be late;
We'll walk and talk, I'll read from the slate,
Always to love and smile, never to hate.

To love and to give of one's self is a wonderful thing,
To praise His name by the songs that we sing;
We'll meet Him one day and the bells shall ring,
And to all, as always, He still will be King.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickens©

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Title painting is by Danny Hohlbohm©
Please visit his website to viwe more wonderful paintings.