~ The Cabin On The Lake ~

How many times have we walked your shore,
Early before the rising sun?
How many times have I sat in your swing,
And looked out across the lake after this day was done?

When the children were small we would love to come,
To catch the fish that "didn't get away,"
To laugh and sing and tell our stories,
Only to start over at the dawn of the next day.

The picnics under the wonderful trees,
To shade us from the midday sun;
The kids could hardly eat their lunch,
Excited because they were having so much fun.

The corks would bob, then under they would go,
"Wonder how big it will be?"
Then reel and reel up to the top,
And hold it up for all to see.

Oh! What memories surround this beautiful place,
Time can never erase them all;
Each is captured in our minds forever,
The cabin on the lake where the Whippoorwills call.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickensİ



Music playing is "Cool Summer Nights
composed and copyrighted by Bruce DeBoer
Used with permission of the composer.