~ Heaven's Loveliest Rose Bouquet ~

Even after fifty years
He makes her heart go flutter
And when she enters any room
Her beauty still makes him stutter

Still holding hands so lovingly
When they take their walks
Sitting so close together
When they have their talks

Wishing we could find the joy
That they have always known
In a love that is so pure
Forever it is shown

Never forgetting those special days
He always gave her a rose
That he hand picked from their garden
They so happily would tend and hoe

Then on a frost nipped morning
God would call him Home to stay
He vowed he would always love her
In the last breath that he would take

As she stares at the dried roses
Beside her bed in the crystal vase
Closing her eyes so gently she sees
His sweet and loving face

She dreams of seeing him again
As they waltz in the light of the moon
Then one spring filled morning
When the garden was in full bloom
The roses bowed in respect
Shedding tears of sweetest dew

For the angels came and cradled her
Like a baby in their arms
Admiring her lovely snow white hair
Her face that held much charm

Singing the sweetest songs to her
Of heavens eternal grace
Soon they would be together again
Standing face to face

He met her at the gates that day
Her heart would start to flutter
And as he went to say, Hello"
He stammered and he stuttered

Telling her, "I hand picked these just for you,
For this special day!"
Then ever so gently he lay in her arms
Heavens Loveliest Rose Bouquet

By Brenda Conley 2002



Music playing is entitled "Eternally"
obtained at Theatre Pipe Organ Page