The Rainbow Connection

The rainbow connection between heaven and earth,
Is put there by God for all to see;
Drink in it's beauty for the short time it lasts,
It's just one of His gifts to you and to me.

After the rain and the earth is refreshed,
The rainbow connection may magically appear;
The wonder of it is so special to all,
Even when looked at through tears.

How pleasing to the eye, the wondrous colors,
Layer upon layer of purple, pink, yellow and blue;
And there's always that spectacular glorious arch,
To be marveled at by me and by you.

Someday we might climb this as up to heaven we go,
To see God on His majestic throne;
His love will be felt through His welcoming smile,
As He reminds us that we were never alone.

Yes, the rainbow would be a glorious way,
To climb and see heaven's perfection;
Could this be the reason for this work of art?
God's miracle of the "rainbow connection."

Written by Shirley Jean Pickensİ



Music Provided By Bruce Deboer