The Photograph

She takes out the photograph
Tears gently fill her beautiful eyes
As she holds it in her delicate hands
Gazing upon... the love of her life

Time has taken him from her
She sometimes feels all alone
They still share their love forever
In the memories they have known

Of moonlit walks upon the beach
While the stars sparkled above
From first sight... their hearts would know
It was eternal love

Then as she looks at me
She says, "I'm sorry, I've rambled on"
I say, "No, need to be sorry,
Love is where the heart belongs"

As I looked upon their faces
Oh, How their eyes did shine
I noticed the worn edges
For it had been shared so many times

To someday have a photograph
That I can share with all in life
And to know that I was honored and blessed
God chose me for his wife

Will be one of the greatest gifts
That I can share with those I love
And to know that he is waiting for me
In Heaven up above

By Brenda Conleyİ 2002

Thanks To Brenda Conley for her permission to use her beautiful poem. View more of her lovely work at her homepage