Music playing is entitled "Give Thanks,"
sequenced by the incomparable Margi Harrell
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~ Hidden Treasures ~

I've found some hidden treasures,
That come from deep within my heart;
I think I know who's put them there,
As full as lovely flowers in a flower cart.

The first I've found is a great love
for God and family;
Tucked away so gently
for all the world to see.

The second treasure that is there,
Is respect and loyalty;
For country and all those who gave their lives,
And stand guard for you and me.

Another treasure that I feel,
Is joy and happiness;
That comes when I say a special prayer,
For all those I wish God to bless.

And when I'm kind and say a word
of true encouragement;
To those who need to hear this,
From my humble heart are sent.

Search your heart and I'm sure you will find
that you have these treasures, too;
These gifts God's graciously put there
especially for you.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickensİ