Remember The Times

Remember the times we played with our car?
We only had one, you know?
And when we were finished, we put it away,
Never to be left out in the rain or the snow.

Remember the times you teased me with words?
Then told Mama that you would never?
I cried at the time and tried to convince her,
But that became such an endeavor.

Remember the movies we went to on Saturday?
Sometimes we sat through them twice;
Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and Hop-A-Long Cassidy,
There were always the bad guys, but these guys were

Remember the times on Sam's old farm?
We rode on the truck to the field;
And Daddy would take you with him sometimes,
To help on a house he needed to build.

There are some of the things I shall always remember,
No matter what time has in store;
I will hold these memories so very close,
Till we shall knock on Heaven's great door.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickensİ

Dedicated to my brother, Roy

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