~ Beneath The Dreaming Tree ~

There is this special dreaming tree,
Where I go and sit awhile;
I think of very special things,
That bring my face a smile.

This dreaming tree that's near my home,
Sits upon a hill;
I love to go from time to time,
And think about His will.

The things that He expects of me,
Are written in His book;
I take my Bible with me,
To dream and take a look.

I dream of heaven and the wondrous things,
That He has bestowed on me;
His blessings are in abundance,
As far as I can see.

I look to Him each blessed day,
With love to guide and direct;
And to send some special friends my way;
Whom He alone selects.

The dreaming tree was planted,
On a hillside one bright and sunny day;
It's branches are like arms,
Reaching up to heaven as if to say.....

"Thank you, God,
For giving me all this life and beauty;
I will give shade and cool breezes,
For this will be my duty."

"My blooms in the spring time,
Are my hands oh so small;
Help me, Lord, says this tree,
To grow so strong and tall."

Beneath the dreaming tree,
I think of a poem to write;
And hope and pray that I will always,
Walk in His blessed light.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickens©


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