Death is just another wonderful journey. A person falls asleep in a boat that gently rocks its way towards a new horizon, and then awakens in the welcoming arms of Jesus in a Paradise far more glorious and peaceful than our fondest hopes and dreams!


Dance With The Angels

Oh! How I do miss you,
Precious dear sister of mine;
I know that I will see you one day,
But only in His blessed time.

Until then, I'll have the memories,
Of the things we use to do;
Like drink hot tea in the winter,
And eat cream of soup...just me and you.

Ice tea without sugar, how could I?
It was almost undrinkable at first;
But then, lo and behold I learned to like this,
A good drink to quench the thirst.

Although I was older than you,
Age made no difference to us;
We loved and we shared our secrets,
And always had that special trust.

We played paper dolls before He took you,
I asked, "Why now?" and you said to me;
"You wouldn't play this with me when we were children,"
I said, "Their arms and legs you would not let be."

You loved to dance, fish and grow flowers,
So I see you in His Heaven above;
Doing these things you loved the best,
And surrounded by His everlasting love.

I promised to keep in touch with your children,
As I help to raise them in a positive way;
I will do my best to help fill the emptiness,
Until we all reunite that glorious day.

May you dance with the Angels in heaven,
And know that I do love you so much;
Ask God to watch over us daily,
With His blessings and loving touch.

Please know how much that we miss you,
And be at peace in His Kingdom up there;
And dance with His Angels forever,
Through eternity while in His care.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickens©

Dedicated to Nancy in memory
of Deborah, her beloved sister

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