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Find It

Find it in the faces of your children,
What could this be?
Find it in the skies above,
It will seem so heavenly.

Find it in the eyes
of all your special friends;
Find it in the handshake,
As a new friendship begins.

Find it in the water,
As the reflection looks back at you;
Find it in the clouds above,
And may the gray always turn to blue.

Find it in your memories,
As you think back over time;
Find it in the rainbows
When the sun begins to shine.

The love of Jesus you can find for always;
In anything and everywhere,
May you always find His blessings,
And His grace be you ever aware.

If you look, you can find it,
It will be there just for you;
His love is everlasting,
And forever will be true.

Shirley Jean Pickens (C)
Inspired by American Idol
Ruben Studdard's "Flying Without Wings"

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