~ Shirley 5 years of age 1943 ~
                            ~ Krista 3 years of age 2002 ~

With A Ribbon In My Hair
Many years ago now, When I was a little girl; My Mother carefully washed, And in my hair put a finger curl. She tied this with a matching ribbon, For everyone to see; Just how much she loved, And always cared for me. A little flowered necklace, She placed around my neck; And when I see this special picture, Back to my childhood, I lovingly reflect. With a ribbon in my hair, Off to someplace special we would go; And wear the dress that she had cut, From a pattern and joyfully sewed. Special things of my dear Mother, Will make my heart to smile; I wish I had just one more day, To go sit with her awhile. Such a beautiful memory, From my childhood I shall always keep; While in the arms of God, She now peacefully sleeps. Now, I have a granddaughter, Who wears a ribbon in her hair; To match the colors of her dress, That her Mother always places there. Written by Shirley Jean Pickens
© 2003

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