Artwork of Sandra Kuck

~ Dear Santa ~

Do you think you could give a listen,
To a list that's not for me;
It's for other little children,
And I ask this lovingly....

I wish that you could bring them,
Some very special things;
That would make their Christmas brighter;
And cause their hearts to sing.

Most don't ask for much, Dear Santa,
Just a toy or two;
Would make them happy Christmas morn,
To have been remembered in this way by you.

I've been so very blessed myself,
My tea cup over flows;
I'm praying for your help, Dear Santa,
To make their faces glow.

Oh! And one more thing, Dear Santa,
I would like to say;
May God bless and keep you safe,
As you travel in your sleigh.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickens (c)

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