~ The Apple Of Grandma's Eye ~

From the very day that you were born,
You were "The Apple Of Grandma's Eye;"
I know in my heart she still feels this way,
Even from her heavenly home there on high.

As she watched you grow throughout the years,
You stole her heart away;
Your sweet love and thoughtfulness of her,
Often made her day.

The single red rose that you gave to her,
Along with the baby's breath;
I've seen her so many, many times,
This rose she would caress.

The half moon necklace that she gave to you,
She wanted you to wear;
To always treasure and cherish this gift,
And you've proven this with your care.

You always remembered her sweetly,
With calls and cards and gifts;
You always found the time to visit her,
Which gave her such a lift.

We'll see her again one day,
For we've been promised this;
You'll give her the single rose again,
And on her cheek you'll place your kiss.

You were the perfect Granddaughter,
You made her feel so great;
"The Apple of Grandma's Eye" you are,
As she waits patiently by heaven's gate.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickens
Dedicated to Toni

Music now playing is entitled "Memories,"
composed and sequenced by the incomparable Margi Harrell
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Original title graphic as created by Li' Kitty may be seen here.

Classic Art Painting entitled Child With Apple
by Jean-Baptiste Greuze 1725-1805