~ His Message Was Love ~

He carried His cross
and wore the thorns,
His fate was marked
from the day He was born.

He gave His Son
so that we may live;
For all eternity
as He forgives..

Our daily sins
that are truly many,
As we receive His blessings
which are always plenty.

He arose that day
from the darkened tomb;
How sad we take for granted,
How sad we assume...

The wonderful blessings
that He bestows upon us;
And think in our minds
that He always must....

Do for us
when we don't do for Him;
Give Him time and praise
when our days begin.

The stone was rolled away
and the angels sang;
On Easter day,
Praise be to His name.

What a sacrifice
that He did make;
When no one else
could have taken His place.

He's waiting in heaven
with outstretched arms,
To save and protect us
from all that might harm.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickens (C)













Music now playing is a beautiful adaption of Amazing Grace by the fantastically talented 13 year old Yuko Ohigashi.
Please be sure to visit her site to thank her for sharing her awesome God-given talent.