I Believe There Is A Heaven

I believe there is a heaven,
Where tranquility reigns everyday;
And God will walk beside me,
As I listen and hear Him say...

In heaven there will be perfect peace,
With Jesus, angels and doves;
There'll be no hatred or sadness,
Only joy and peace and true love.

We'll know His grace and His goodness,
In all that He's sacrificed for us;
We'll feel the tranquility all around,
And know why in Him we've had trust.

Tranquility, Oh! what a feeling,
I'll have this throughout all eternity;
Because I've given my heart,
And forever I shall be free.

His love is everlasting and I know this,
He's loved me through all of the trials;
That's why I believe there is a heaven,
With perfect tranquility there all the while.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickens (c)



Music now playing is entitled "Hope," composed and sequenced
by the delightfully incomparable Margi Harrell.
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