~ Fall Is In The Air ~

First comes lovely spring time,
With blooming flowers galore;
Carpet green grass and butterflies,
And baby eagles that will soon soar.

Then comes fun summer time,
Planned vacations to the beach;
And right on summer's heels,
Is fall with its lessons to teach.

Brilliant colors and swirling leaves
are falling all around;
A blanket of mulch they will make,
With time as they lay upon the ground.

Scarecrows left in the once tended fields
from the summer past;
Makes nice props with faces,
That have the look of masks.

They say, "Welcome to another fall,
Drink in the colors bright;
God's paint brushes are here at work,
Upon the trees in His precious sight."

A floppy hat upon their heads,
No straw for their hair;
Definitely they make us all feel,
That fall is in the air.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickens©

Music playing is entitled "In the Morning Light" by Yanni
sequenced by Rafael Nieto Yosten