~ A December to Remember ~

I hope your Christmas tree
is shining brightly today;
As brightly as the star over the manger
where as a baby He did lay.

The presents are wrapped and tied
with ribbons of red and gold;
Like the special gifts of the wise men
as they traveled to behold....

The Christ Child who was born
upon a wintry Christmas day;
For those who would believe in Him
forever being the light and the way.

The true meaning of Christmas
lies deep within each of us;
Just look into your hearts to find Him
and in Him put your trust....

Into everything that is truly good
to bring the world together;
I pray this will forever be
a December to remember.

May your tree shine very brightly
this Christmas and throughout the coming year,
And may each day forever be filled
with blessed Christmas cheer.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickens(c)

Music now playing is a Christmas medley
sequenced by the incomparable Margi Harrell
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