I feel I need to tell you,
Just how much I love you today;
And I thank you so very much,
For my brother when we play...

Together with Mama and Dada,
And the nice home in which we live;
Especially the patience and love,
They all so freely give.

I'll try to be a better tyke,
And be the little boy;
So my family can always say,
He's such a blessing and true joy.

Thanks again, Dear Sweet Jesus,
For the blessings you've given to me;
I'll try hard to earn my wings and halo,
And sing your wonderful praises ever so sweetly.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickens ©
(A Very Proud Maw Maw)
Dedicated to Little Mr. T.J.

The music playing is entitled "Jesus Loves the Little Children"
Unfortunately, no copyright or sequencer info embedded in RMI :(

Many thanks to my friend, Sandy Davenport, for giving
our T.J. the halo and wings that he so deserves! He truly is a little angel!