You're such a special friend of the heart,
So sweet, thoughtful and kind;
I could have searched the whole world over,
And never a more precious find.

What did I do to deserve your friendship?
God was surely looking out for me;
To put you into my daily life,
For whatever has happened, for whatever might be.

You always extend a helping hand,
Whenever the need arises;
I can depend on you, my friend,
With good deeds and wonderful surprises....

Surprises that are truly of the lasting kind,
An e-mail of kind words that include God's best;
So sorry you're not feeling well,
Thinking of you and certainly all of the rest...

Of the many good things your heart can send,
To make my day divine;
I'm sending you my love and prayers,
On this special day we call Valentine.

You're truly a precious friend of the heart,
I'm so thankful God sent you my way;
To make my life so very complete,
With special blessings that's filled with love
each and every day.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickens ©
Dedicated to my friend, Paula

Oh, wow! I'm overwhelmed *wiping tears away*
I love you too, Sweetie!!!
Your very own webmistress, Paula


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~ That's What Friends Are For ~

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