Shirley 7 months ~ Mother 31 years of age


When my Mother was just a little girl,
As sweet as she could be;
Her Daddy bought her an organ,
Brought it in and said, "There it is,
could you play this for me?"

She sat down on the bench,
And began to play and sing;
The music didn't quite match the song,
As she sat there like a queen.

A little problem began to emerge,
From this priceless gift from Dad;
Her fingers couldn't play the notes,
Which made her very sad.

She practiced and she practiced,
Sure enough....songs began to evolve!
She mastered this most cherished gift,
The mystery of the keys was forever solved.

She learned to play the piano also,
"By ear" as she use to say;
At church each Sunday morning,
She played her heart away.

With beautiful hats upon her head,
She sat upon her throne;
How proud she made her family,
With each and every song.

She honored our Lord Jesus,
And today I can see her there;
Playing pianos and organs,
As church music fills the air.

Written in memory and honor of
our dear Mother who loved us all so much.

By Shirley Jean Pickens (c)



The painting above is by the very talented artist,
PAULA VAUGHN, and is used with her kindly permission.
Thanks, and God bless you, Paula!
This beautiful painting invokes such wonderful memories!