As evening falls with it's wonderous sunset,
At the end of a long, long day;
The reflected bare trees and fall colors,
Show in the still lake peacefully as I pray.

A bit of the day still lingers,
As a touch of blue sky peeps through;
Amongst the disappearing clouds,
He's painted this for me and you.

As the sun dips further into the west,
The stars will show in the night time sky;
The angels begin to stretch their wings,
As up to heaven they do fly....

To take prayers up that are meant to be heard,
For those who have asked blessings for family and friends;
To heal those who are sick and in need;
From life's beginning until the very end.

Another night to rest our bodies,
To relax our minds into a restful sleep;
We then awaken to a brand new day,
As peaceful as the still lakes run deep.

As the end of another day draws nigh,
Oh! Look, there it is again!
Another glorious evening sunset....
Yet another wonder of God He does lend.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickens (C)










This wonderful music playing is entitled "Only Wish"
composed and sequenced by Jalal Ali
Please visit his site to hear more beautiful music,
and perhaps even buy one of his awesome CD's.