In Remembrance

In remembrance of our loved ones,
I take pen in hand to say;

Just how much we do miss you all,
And this is what we pray....

That you all are happy home with Jesus,
And the comfort you have found;

The peace by the river,
As you traveled homeward bound.

The gates of heaven opened
As you passed through one by one;

Each waiting for the other,
You all will never be alone.

Connie, my beautiful, sweet sister,
George, Art and troubled Lee;

Sitting at the feet of Jesus,
Your cherished memory will forever be.

Roy, my brother, you left us so quickly,
Wasn't expecting to loose you, too;

You were the rock everyone depended on,
I see the cross you send me in the clouds
in front of the blue.....

Beverly you were the last to go,
James' baby sister ... pretty and oh! so smart;

Your Mom, Dad and Phyllis
Welcomed you with an open heart.

Five members of our family,
Went to heaven to be with Him;

Gone before we knew it,
As your bright lights turned slowly dim.

Some special angels God did need,
And He selected each of you;

To help Him with his heavenly work;
A joy forever new.

I know you all are happy now,
Just waiting for us to come;

We'll all be together one day,
In God's heavenly home.

Written by Shirley Jean Pickens (c)


Snow script courtesy of Altan
It can also be found at Dynamic Drive


Created with love
July 19, 2004