~ You Had Me From Hello ~

From the moment that I first saw you,
Our eyes locked and in yours, I saw so deep
That special something between us,
I was hoping we could formally meet.

It was almost the end of school,
The year of my eleventh grade;
I rode with my uncle some mornings,
And a certain special morning, I would never trade.

I was getting out of my uncle's car,
Your car door was open and next to me;
You were leaning over, tying your boots,
A hard day of surveying for you it would be.

We looked at each other, but did not speak,
My uncle and I walked into his building;
A cut through for me to reach the school,
Decatur High, where I was attending.

You watched me from the window,
As I walked down the street;
You said you wondered if you would see me again,
And before the school year ended, would we meet?

The last day of school, you were at the water fountain,
I started through the hall to the landing below;
You came toward me and my heart stood still,
Then from you came the one sweet word, "Hello."

"My name is James Pickens,
I work as a surveyor here,
You won't be coming through much longer;
It's the last day of your school year."

I said, "My name is Shirley Wages,
It's so very nice to meet you,
My uncle is the county Fire Marshall,
He proudly wears his uniform of navy blue.

You said you'd like to know me better,
And asked if you could call me on the phone;
Before you had my permission,
To call on me at home.

You had me from "Hello,"
And OH! the look in your eyes;
I knew already that you loved me,
And there would be no goodbyes.

Our love grew from there,
Two years later we said, "I do;"
Now...fifty one wonderful years later,
I'm very happy it was me and not Martha Sue.

For fifty three years now, you have given to me,
That special box of Valentine candy;
"I can't eat flowers," you smiled and said,
"So this Valentine gift for us will work just fine and dandy!"

Now, the family members have grown to ten,
Each gets their own box of candy, too;
A tradition that you keep going,
A love for all, 'tis true.

God works in mysterious ways sometimes,
His blessings do come; and so
I thank You, God, for my dear James,
And that I had him from "Hello."

Dedicated to my wonderful husband, James
Written by Shirley Jean Pickens



"You Had Me at Hello," sung by Kenny Chesney, has been purchased by me,
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