I chose this precious teddy bear
as cute as cute can be,
to carry heaps of love to you,
my 'dopted sister, doncha see?

He has a little ribbon
of sweet flowers 'round his neck,
and a box of chocolate candies. YUM!
Eat slow, now! Don't get sick!

He also brings some roses
picked special just for you
because you are so wonderful;
And that's why I love you!

You've always stood beside me;
you always take my part.
So now I send my teddy friend
to say what's in my heart.

Thanks for always being there,
and for all the love you share.
And thanks for all the many ways
you always show you care.

Thanks for lifting me to God
each day and night in prayer,
and thanks for all the lovely mail;
for wise and loving words you share.

There is no other quite like you!
He made you "special," doncha see?
And then He blessed my life so much
by sending you to me!

Written for my 'dopted sister in Christ,
Shirley Pickens, of
~ Angels on Your Pillow ~

I love you, Sis, and James, too
Paula© 2005

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