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Hello Dear Sweet Brittany......God speaking here!
I'm lifting you up in spirit to those you hold so dear.
Now, don't you worry one more minute about the ones you cannot see;
They're both safe in My heaven with precious Jesus and Me.

They're looking out for you each and every day,
To keep you safe from harm and listen while you pray.
One day down the road, when you have lived your years,
I'll reach down with My own hands and bring you out of tears.

What a happy day it will be to see your Granddads once again!
They'll give you a hug and ask you to tell them where you've been.
They'll want to know about your life and things that made you smile;
They will beckon all My angels to come sit with you awhile.

Until then, please feel their closeness, 'cause they'll be right there with you,
When you lay your head on your pillow or start your day anew.
I'm blessing you with goodness and peace within your heart,
So you will never feel alone and always feel a part.......

Of all the good and precious things that your Granddads truly felt,
Like when they said they loved you and your little heart would melt.
You'll be with them once again, this I promise you,
And behind your clouds of stormy gray, there'll be a sunshine blue.

Dedicated to Brittany in loving memory of Pa Pa and Grandpa.....

Written by Aunt Shirley

Small House

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